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Welcome to Knock 4 Talent

Dear friends, If you have passion to do something new and if you are full of unique ideas and have intend to get success in life, then here is a grand welcome to you all in our adventurous world.


We are giving you the most splendid and fantastic opportunity to achieve your goal. By participating in our Endeavour you will recognize your hidden potential and shall find yourself in an entirely new field of national and international contacts. So now you have a clear vision in front of you. Let's move towards it, with passion and pride. It's all for your benevolence.

Various Events

In our array of event there are various event and competitions in the field of academic, social, cultural and competitive event. There we have retired professors I.T professional and well qualified members in our team.


Our concept is very simple, we organize events and competitions and you have to be associated with us and become a part of it. These series of competitions & events are going to be organized both online as well as offline, so that everyone can be benefited.

Explore our upcoming events/competitions

Drawing Competition

This competition is being organized to bring out the creativeness and imagination of the participants. Its main motive is to make the participants identify their creative side.
Date is not declared yet

Dance Competition

In this dance contest participants can perform either classic or folk dance. Only solo entries are allowed. Style, entertainment and the presentation would be the judging factors.
Date is not declared yet


If you persuade others to participate our program then you can get free school education or college education or professional education as a gift and also get cash from Rs.1000/- onwards up to 1.5 Crore .